Garden Design Process

The Garden Design Process is in three stages:

Garden Design Consultation

  • This is the most important part of the design process.
  • The time when aspirations are heard and the garden’s potential is seen.
  • The available budget is discussed at this stage.

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Scaled Garden Design Plan

  • A Design Brief based on discussions at the Consultation
  • A written quotation for the Scaled Garden Design Plan.
  • A written quotation for the Site survey by a land surveyor.
  • Meetings to discuss all your expectations for the garden if required.
  • A meeting to view and discuss rough drawings of the garden.
  • Presentation of final Scaled Garden Design Plan

A Scaled Garden Design Plan for a small garden starts at around £1,800 and can be in excess of £5,500 for a large one. The Topographical Survey starts at £465 plus VAT

Design Works for Construction

  • Written quotation for Stage Three that might include:
  •  Planting Plans (cost of plants is submitted on completion of the plan).
  • Setting Out Plan
  • Construction Drawings.
  • Specification Documents or Scope of Works.
  • Tender Documentation.
  • Meetings with Contractors/Surveyors/Architect.
  • Monitoring Works through to completion.

Construction Drawing


  • Garden Design Consultation, on site £70 per hr.
  • Design work and Meetings £50 per hr.
  • Time and Travel: Time £30 per hr. Travel 45p per mile
  • Scaled Garden Design from £1,800
  • Design and Build from initial Consultation to built Garden Design could be £90 – £120 sq. meter, taking an average of Hard Landscaping – paving, gravel etc. and Soft Landscaping – plants, lawn etc.
  • Most people like to spend between 10% and 20% of the value of their house, on their garden.

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