Garden Design Process

The Garden Design Process is in three stages:

Garden Design Consultation

  • This is the most important part of the design process.
  • The time when aspirations are heard and the garden’s potential is seen.
  • The available budget is discussed at this stage.

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Stage One: Scaled Garden Design Plan

  • A Design Brief based on discussions at the Consultation
  • A written quotation for the Scaled Garden Design Plan.
  • A written quotation for the Site survey by a land surveyor.
  • Meetings to discuss all your expectations for the garden if required.
  • A meeting to view and discuss rough drawings of the garden.
  • Presentation of final Scaled Garden Design Plan

A Scaled Garden Design Plan for a small garden can start at around £1,400 and be in excess of £4,500 for a large one. The approximate range of a Topographical Survey is between £420 and £1,500 depending on the size and complexity of the site.

Stage Two: Design Works for Construction

  • Written quotation for Stage Three that might include:
  •  Planting Plans (cost of plants is submitted on completion of the plan).
  • Setting Out Plan
  • Construction Drawings.
  • Specification Documents or Scope of Works.
  • Tender Documentation.
  • Meetings with Contractors/Surveyors/Architect.
  • Monitoring Works through to completion.

Construction Drawing

The cost of building the garden depends on the detail of the design but excluding any large features like ponds or any bespoke items, a mix of hard landscaping and plants works out to around £120 per square metre. The design fee for Stage Three is approximately 15% of the construction cost. Most people like to spend between 5% and 15% of the value of their house, on their garden.

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