Cottage Garden Makeover
Mid summer planting in the herbaceous border with Geranium Rozanne, Perovskia Little Spires, campanula lactiflora Loddon Anna and the flower heads of Stipa gigantea

The budget for this Cottage Garden Makeover was spent on the planting plan design, preparation of beds and plants. The new beds were marked out and in order to keep the cost down they were advertised on Freecycle as ‘lawn not yet lifted’. Two families came and removed the turf and the beds were prepared with organic material ready for planting.

The garden design process

The original garden layout

Cutting out the new borders

Organic mulching of the herbaceous borders

Cottage Garden planting in early summer

Evening sun coming through the Stipa gigantea, with Campanula lactiflora Pritchard's variety and Geranium psilostemon

Evening sun coming through the Stipa gigantea, with the pale blue Campanula lactiflora Pritchard’s variety and cerise Geranium psilostemon