Family Garden

The Brief for this Garden Design was to create a Family Garden for a young professional couple hoping to have a family in the future. Although they had an allotment for all their main vegetable growing they wanted a small bed to grow salad crops and maybe cut flowers for the house. As the children came along this bed became the boy’s vehicle play area and a small space for vegetables was made near the office at the bottom of the garden.

Family garden with entertaining lawn, soft wood decking and  children's play area
Softwood decking next to the children's play area with a metal rose arch over the self-bind gravel paths.

Planting ideas for the new borders

View from the kitchen of the natural stone paving, entertaining area and safe water feature

The garden design master plan below shows all elements of the garden in 2D. The images show the view of the garden from the Kitchen and looking down on the garden from Upstairs

Garden Design master plan
Natural stone paving terrace with a child friendly  water feature  edged with english lavender

Natural stone paving was used for this outside terrace and a child friendly water feature installed. English lavender is planted either side with small standard bay trees and edged with a play lawn close to the house.

The self-binding gravel path takes you under the rose arches, past the children’s play area to the entertaining lawn and decking to enjoy the last of the evening sun.

Details of The Family Garden

View from the Kitchen before

View of the Entertaining Area before

View looking back at the House before