New Build House with Garden
Looking through the Valeriana officinalis to the swing seat in the distance, edged with Verbena bonnariensis

The Garden Design for this New Build House and Garden needed to have different areas to be enjoyed by everyone: for Lucy and Tony after a hard days work, their grown up children and friends when visiting, any potential grandchildren and for elderly relatives to enjoy with ease.

The Garden Before

The garden was terraced to create a lower level entertaining area for family and friends, with a sunny lawn for the children to play on. The upper level has the ‘all important’ swing seat and a seating area next to the house to enjoy the last of the evening sun or to watch it setting over the hills beyond.

Stepping stones set in a gravel path using natural stone paving
Family garden with an entertaining area of natural stone paving edged with Cotswold stone walls and natural stone paving used for the coping stones

The Planting needed to enhance the beautiful views in the distance by disguising the fence; this has been done with shrubs and trees to blend into the countryside beyond. Also this had to be a wildlife friendly garden so the plants needed to provide all year round berries for food, dense structures for shade and scent to attract insects. A gap in the fence has been created to allow any visiting hedgehogs to pass through on their way to the neighbours…

“A massive thank you for agreeing to be our designer and coming up with plan that has resulted in our perfect garden.
The garden looks so much bigger, the sun seems to reach more corners than before, we have retained the view and gained the wildlife. Day two and we’ve had wrens and butterflies, not previously seen visiting: We will treasure it.”

Lucy and Tony, Arlingham

Herbaceous borders edging a gravel path with stepping stones
Swing seat designed by Sitting Spiritually
Natural stone paving terrace with Cotswold stone steps leading to a gravel path with stepping stones