Town Garden Cirencester

The plain lawn was transformed with an abundance of shrub roses in herbaceous borders and climbing roses over the wooden arch. The Cotswold stone wall was curved to invite people into the garden when they arrived.

The curved Cotswold stone wall welcomes people into the garden
Shade planting of Hostas and Geraniums and Foxgloves edged with low Box hedging and Alchemilla Mollis
Looking up the new garden through the wooden rose arch.
A simple elegant small pond edged with Forest of Dean stone

The Garden Before


This garden had a long strip of grass down the left hand side of the house that led to the vegetable garden and chickens. This is the sunny side of the garden but was never used for relaxation or entertaining. The path to the front door was too narrow so the dog ran on the grass, bringing mud into the house and the cars were always visible from the front door.

The Garden Now

Climbing roses over the wooden arch with standard roses in herbaceous borders
Planting in shade with Hostas, Ferns, Geranium and the orange Icelandic poppy
Heron sculptures for the garden
Relaxing in the sunny garden

Relaxing in the sunny garden