The Garden Design Process

Design through to Build

Stage One – Garden Design Master Plan

  • Initial Consultation: 2-3 hours

This is the most important stage in the design process, when a client’s wishes and budget are discussed in detail and the garden’s full potential is observed, from both the inside and outside of the house.

Tiggy is careful to explain her ideas in detail, sometimes demonstrating this visually by laying ideas out using things to hand like hoses, chairs or canes. All household members are encouraged to contribute their thoughts as this helps Tiggy to design the garden in a very individual way, making it personal to all involved.


Initial Consultation is charged at £70 per hour but if a scaled Garden Design Master Plan is commissioned, this consultation is Free.

Garden Design Master Plan

Following the Initial Consultation a Design Brief and Quotation are prepared. The Design Brief lists all elements of the new garden design based on discussions at the Initial Consultation.
The Quotation includes:

  • Costs for the survey of the garden
  • Design works by Tiggy
  • Meetings to discuss the Sketch Plan
  • Presentation of the Garden Design Master Plan


Cost of a Garden Design Master Plan for a small garden starts at around £2,000 and can be in excess of £6,000 for a large garden.

At the end of Stage One, clients may like to build the design themselves, request a list of reliable contractors or move on to Stage Two.

Stage Two – The Build

Tiggy works with established, reliable contractors for The Build, some of whom she’s worked with for over 20 years. She will put the work out to tender (if required) and monitor the works through to completion.

A Quotation for design works to construct The Build might include:

  • A Setting Out Plan to enable contractors to accurately lay out the new design
  • Specification document or Scope of Works detailing all materials and works to be completed
  • Planting plan for the new beds.
    NB: cost of plants is submitted separately on completion of the Planting plan
  • Construction drawings of specific items, pergolas, ponds, decking/paving
  • Tender documentation
  • Meetings with other professionals, structural engineers/planning/architects
  • Contact with designers of bespoke features, eg: benches, arbours, pergolas, water features
  • Monitoring the works through to completion


Cost of The Build of the garden is, on average £120 per m2, when taking a balance of hard landscaping, (paving/walling/gravel) and soft landscaping, (lawns/hedges/plants).

Most clients like to spend between 10% and 20% of the value of their house on their garden